S2BIOM Report downloads by work package S2BIOM Report downloads by work package

Welcome to the reports download section of the S2BIOM toolset! 

Underneath you find links to download all reports elaborated in the S2BIOM project. The material is organised according to work package.


WP  Reports:                                                                                                                                                                       
WP1 Sustainable biomass cost-supply

D1.1 Roadmap for regional end-users on how to collect, process, store and maintain biomass supply data

D1.5 The data base of biomass cost supply data for EU 28, Western Balkan Countries, Moldavia, Turkey and Ukraine

D1.6 A spatial data base on sustainable biomass cost-supply of lignocellulosic biomass in Europe - methods & data sources

D1.7 Best practice guidelines on the maintenance and regular up-date of the biomass cost supply data for EU, Western Balkan Countries, Moldavia, Turkey and Ukraine

D1.8 Atlas with regional cost supply biomass potentials for EU 28, Western Balkan Countries, Moldavia, Turkey and Ukraine.

WP 2 Existing and future biomass conversion technologies for energy and biobased products

D2.1 A method for standardized biomass characterisation and minimal biomass quality requirement for each biomass conversion technology

D2.2 A selection method to match biomass types with the best conversion technologies

D2.3 Database of biomass conversion technologies

D2.4a; Explanatory note accompanying the database for standardized biomass characterization.

WP 3 Optimal logistics for sustainable non-food biomass feedstock delivery chains

D3.1 Review report of the main components such as storage, pre-treatment and transportation technologies

D3.2 Report with an overview of new logistical concepts and conceptual designs, and a theoretical assessment of their economic performance and GHG emission impacts

D3.4, D3.6 Results of logistical case studies - cover report

D3.4+D3.6 Annex 1 - Burgundy logistical case studies

D3.4+D3.6 Annex 2 - Aragon logistical case studies

D3.4+D3.6 Annex 3 - Finland logistical case studies

D3.5 Formalised stepwise approach for implementing logistical concepts

WP4 Toolset for interactive biomass supply – demand matching in sustainable biomass value chains

D4.1 Draft structure of the database that will include all data accumulated in the project and will be used by the tools included in the Toolset of WP 4

D4.2 Draft structure of the general user interface (GUI) that will integrate different existing and new tools and datasets developed in this project to perform full sustainable biomass value chain assessmement

D4.10 A full technical description of the integrated toolset, central database and general user interface 

D4.11 An user guide for the integrated toolset, central database and general user interface

WP5 Value chain sustainability across the
biobased sectors

D5.1 Methodology for life-cycle based environmental sustainability assessment of non-food biomass value chains

D5.2 Benchmark analysis of existing sustainability schemes

D5.3 Summary report on how sustainability aspects of introducing bioeconomy value chains
are currently considered

D5.4 and Annex:  Report on consistent sustainability requirements for bioeconomy value chains, including guidelines for harmonized methodologies to determine sustainability performance

D5.5 Guidelines on assessing bioeconomy value chain sustainability performance

WP6 Regulatory & financial framework to mobilise non-food biomass to biobased products &bioenergy market

D6.1 Policy database

D6.2  Report on benchmarking of country policy approaches

D6.3 Report on policy options, with a discussion of pros, cons, points of attention and guidelines

D6.4 Synergies and cooperation for biobased economy in Europe and at international level

WP7 Integrated Assessment-Optimisation of biomass supply chains to satisfy the demand

D7.1 Extensive description of scenarios

D7.2 A quantitative estimate of biomass demand in 2020 and 2030

D7.2a Market analysis for heat, electricity and biofuels 

D7.2b Market analysis for lignin and sugar platforms

 D7.2c Market analysis of biomethane, BTX, methanol, hydrogen, ethylene, and mixed alcohols

D7.3 Integrated assessment of biomass supply chains and conversion routes under different scenarios

WP8 Development of a vision, strategies,
implementation plans and an R&D roadmap

D8.1 Overview report on the current status for bioenergy, biofuels and biomaterials in EU, Western Balkans, Ukraine, Turkey and Moldova

D8.2 Vision document development of the sustainable delivery of non-food biomass feedstock at pan-European level

D8.3b Roadmap for lignocellulosic biomass in the Danube region. 

D8.3c Investment guide for forest biomass based cogeneration and district heating

D8.3d Strategic guide for biomass heat policy in Ukraine

For the national roadmaps zie tab in main menu 'Data downloads'

D8.4 Roadmap for sustainable biomass supply at pan European level in order to promote and develop environmentally desirable bio-basedmaterials, power and fuels.

D8.5 Report on the ex-ante assessment of the key findings and strategies of the project at pan-European and regional level

WP9 Regional adaptation & application, user integration, testing, validation and implementation planning

Case study reports:

Croatia - SRC on unused  agricultural lands

Germany-Poland - Supplying large scale bioenergy plants with regional feedstock

Romania - Development of biomass supply chains in West region

Serbia - Lignocellulosic ethanol plant

Slovenia - District heating on woodchips - biomass potentials and investment tool

Ukraine - Lignocellulosic feedstock potential, conversion pathways and recommendations for the biomass market

SEE countries - Biomass co-firing in lignite-fired power plants as a means of mobilizing agro-biomass resources

Switzerland (not part of S2BIOM project): An additional report on biomass assessment in Switzerland has been elaborated within another project carried out by the Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape WSL within the SCCER-BIOSWEET project: "Biomassenpotenziale der Schweiz für die energetische Nutzung: Ergebnisse des Schweizerischen Energiekompetenzzentrums SCCER BIOSWEET

WP10 Stakeholder Engagement, Cooperation withInitiatives, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

D10.2a S2BIOM general project leaflet

D10.2b S2BIOM project presentation

D10.4 S2BIOM brochure

D10.16 S2BIOM guidelines (2016)

D10.15 S2BIOM leaflet toolset: English,  Finnish, Greek, Italian,  Latvian, Polish, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukranian

D10.3 S2BIOM State-of-the-art-review of biomass supply

S2BIOM workshop summaries: Brussels 2015, Amsterdam 2016, Piran_SDEWES 2016.