Regulatory & financial framework (WP6): Regulatory & financial framework (WP6):

Different EU-wide and national/regional policies are playing a role in the mobilization, supply, conversion and end-use of non-food biomass. Therefore, a database was developed providing a structured overview of regulatory and economic frameworks on EU level and for the 37 countries covered in the project. It is a catalogue of policy instruments and measures, information on the regulatory and financial frameworks impacting bioeconomy development throughout Europe. 

The policies included in this database  refer to agriculture, forestry, nature protection, waste policies, licensing, emission limits, requirements for storage and conversion installations in terms of emissions, efficiency, safety, biofuels and bio-energy policies (demand side), support and labelling of biobased products, public procurement, R&D and innovation (conversion technologies, but also research towards new or improved biomass types), as well as sustainability requirements on specific parts or the entire supply chain. 

The S2Biom policy database is available at: Regulatory viewing tool

The policy database and the working of the regulatory viewing tool is explained in deliverable D6.1 Policy database . Through the viewing tool data from the policy database can be consulted.  For each policy measure / instrument, information is provided on a set of descriptive criteria. These are displayed in the form of factsheets referring to the country and policy field selected. 

In order to obtain a full overview of all policy information included in the database at country level there is also the possibility to download excel files at country level by going to the main menu in this tool and click on the item 'Data downloads' and then go to the country of interest. 

The policy data collected in the database was also used to perform a benchmark analysis of the national policies. The benchmark analysis report is deliverable D6.2 and covers 37 different countries. Taking into account the large differences between the countries, they are clustered based on specific country characteristics to allow a targeted benchmark of the policy frameworks. The individual country benchmark reports can also be downloaded under the Tab in the main menu:  'Data downloads'  ---> 'Country downloads'. Choose column 'Factsheets'.

The policies collected were further analysed  in deliverable D6.3 to develop policy guidelines and exemplary policy options that will allow policy makers from the respective levels to quickly appreciate potential support frameworks that exist and efficient ways to apply them to mobilize sustainable biomass resources for different market sectors of the biobased economy.

Deliverable D6.4 is a document providing advice on how to enhance cooperation and potential synergies between Member States (MS) and at international level and how this can provide added value for the progress towards a biobased economy.