Value chain sustainability Value chain sustainability

The work in WP5 on sustainability of biomass delivery chains for the bioeconomy was started with a benchmark analysis of existing sustainability schemes (D5.2).  This was then followed up by an inventory of how sustainability issues are currently addressed in bioeconomy value chains in a selected number of countries (D5.3). The outcome of both evaluations was used to design the eventual sustainability framework for Criteria and indicators for biomass delivery chains (click here) which is described in D5.4 and Annex 5.4. 

A subset of the S2BIOM sustainability indicators were also calculated for conversion technologies & biomass type combinations and these can be viewed in an excel database.  The environmental indicators calculated include energy efficiency (MJprim/MJout), direct life-cycles GHG emissions (g CO2/MJout), air emissions (SO2eq g/MJout and PM10 g/MJout ), land use efficeincy (m2/GJout) and employment (pers/TJout) for the average EU situations in 2020 and 2030 (based on PRIMES REF). These indicators were calculated with the GEMIS system updated with the conversion technologies data from the S2BIOM database (GEMIS 4.95)*.  


The sustainability indicators generated in GEMIS were calculated by IIINAS and were not validated by S2Biom partners. .