Introduction to S2BIOM GUI Introduction to S2BIOM GUI

Welcome to the S2BIOM integrated tool set!

The S2Biom project supports the sustainable delivery of non-food biomass feedstock at local, regional and pan European level through  developing developing harmonised data sets, strategies, and roadmaps at local, regional, national and pan European level for EU28, Western Balkans, Ukraine, Moldova and Turkey that can be accessed via this S2BIOM tool set.

You have just opened the S2BIOM toolset containing all data, tools, documents and reports generated in the S2BIOM project. Under the different tabs in the main menu above you can click to get access to these different tools, data, documents and reports. The tools enable you as user to interact with the results by making sub-selections for data you are interested in; or to design your own biomass delivery chain and evaluate the performance; or to obtain to the point information on specific issues of relevance for developing a biomass delivery chains. These can be key characteristics on logistical components, biomass conversion technologies, matching of biomass types with technologies, biomass potentials,  cost and characteristics, biomass markets, sustainability issues, policies and regulations, and national biomass strategies.

When starting to use the toolset you can consult the User guidelines. A technical description of the toolset is also available. 

Please click on the tabs in the menu above to get a full overview of contents of the S2BIOM toolset.

For further information about the project visit the S2BIOM website and open underneath documents:

S2BIOM general project leafletS2BIOM project presentationS2BIOM brochure /  S2BIOM guidelines (2016).

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