Data downloads by country Data downloads by country

Country name Cost-supply data Policy data Roadmaps Benchmarking Factsheet
Austria Cost supply AT Policy AT RM AT Factsheet AT
Belgium Cost supply BE Policy BE RM BE Factsheet BE
Bulgaria Cost supply BG Policy BG RM BG Factsheet BG
Croatia Cost supply HR Policy HR RM HR Factsheet HR
Cyprus Cost supply CY Policy CY RM CY Factsheet CY
Czech Republic Cost supply CZ Policy CZ RM CZ Factsheet  CZ
Denmark Cost supply DK Policy DK RM DK Factsheet DK
Estonia Cost supply EE Policy EE RM EE Factsheet EE
Finland Cost supply FI Policy FI RM FI Factsheet FI
France Cost supply FR Policy FR RM FR Factsheet FR
Germany Cost supply DE Policy DE RM DE Factsheet DE
Greece Cost supply EL Policy EL RM EL Factsheet EL
Hungary Cost supply HU Policy HU RM HU Factsheet HU
Ireland Cost supply IE Policy IE RM IE Factsheet IE
Italy Cost supply IT Policy IT RM IT Factsheet IT
Latvia Cost supply LV Policy LV RM LV Factsheet LV
Lithuania Cost supply LT Policy LT RM LT Factsheet LT
Luxembourg Cost supply LU Policy LU RM LU Factsheet LU
Malta Cost supply MT Policy MT RM MT Factsheet MT
Netherlands Cost supply NL Policy NL RM NL Factsheet NL
Poland Cost supply PL Policy PL RM PL Factsheet PL
Portugal Cost supply PT Policy PT RM PT Factsheet PT
Romania Cost supply RO Policy RO RM RO Factsheet RO
Slovakia Cost supply SK Policy SK RM SK Factsheet SK
Slovenia Cost supply SI Policy SI RM SI Factsheet SI
Spain Cost supply ES Policy ES RM ES Factsheet ES
Sweden Cost supply SE Policy SE RM SE Factsheet SE
UK Cost supply UK Policy UK RM UK Factsheet UK
Albania Cost supply AL Policy AL RM AL Factsheet AL
Bosnia Cost supply BA Policy BA RM BA Factsheet BA
Kosovo Cost supply KO Policy KO RM KO Factsheet KO
Macedonia Cost supply MK Policy MK RM MK Factsheet MK
Moldova Cost supply MD Policy MD RM MD Factsheet MD
Montenegro Cost supply ME Policy ME RM ME Factsheet ME
Servia Cost supply RS Policy RS RM RS Factsheet RS
Turkey Cost supply TR Policy TR RM TR Factsheet TR
Ukraine Cost supply UA Policy UA RM UA Factsheet UA

Switzerland: Although data were not generated for this country in S2BIOM, we add a link to Swiss biomass cost/supply data here. These data were elaborated in another project carried out by the Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape WSL within the SCCER-BIOSWEET project.