Biomass characteristics Biomass characteristics

In S2BIOM a database for for standardized biomass characterization was developed and populated for all lignocellulosic biomass types covered in the project. This database was intended to be used to determine, if certain biomass types can be used as feedstocks for specific conversion technologies. For this purpose an extensive characterisation for the conversion technologies was also made with regard to minimal biomass characteristics requirements. Also these requirements are included in the central S2BIOM database per technology selected and characterised (view data under tab 'Biomass chain data' ---> 'Conversion technologies').

The biomass characterisitcs and the conversion technology requirement characteristics were then used to develop the biomass matching tool (Bio2Match) which is accessible via the main menu in this toolset under the tab 'Tools' ---> 'Bio2Match'.

For an extensive description of the biomass characteristics of relevance the user can read D2.4a; Explanatory note accompanying the database for standardized biomass characterization. The method developed in S2BIOM for standardized biomass characterisation and minimal biomass quality requirement for each biomass conversion technology is described in D2.1 and  D2.2.